Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sterling Silver Jewelry Below Spot! Garage Sale Finds #5

Buying sterling silver below spot price at garage sales can net you some quick cash!

Yard Sale Forex, Buy Foreign Currency Cheaply! Garage Sale Finds #4

Foreign currency that is still circulated is as good as cash, and can be exchanged at the bank for dollars.  Buy foreign cash on the cheap at yard sales!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Silver Price Drops Sharply In Overnight

The silver price is testing new lows in the overnight trading session.  Shortly after 6pm eastern time, silver dropped below the $21.00 level.  It appears silver may continue this drop below $20, with strong support near the $19.00 level. 

If the $19.00 level is breached we may be in for a very significant drop.

The recent price drops in silver have been a correction in a long term bull market, and this drop may finally put in a bottom for the market and set us up for a rapid rally.  This analysis is based on the fact that silver's fundamentals have never been stronger, with the federal reserve continuing with its loose money policies.  In addition to the fed's money printing operation, central banks around the world continue to ease already loose policy by cutting interest rates as they race to devalue their currency the fastest.

Eventually the logical conclusion of these activities will be reached, and the effects of massive inflation will be felt in rising prices across asset classes, including silver.